The Home Show

  Coalman on his round along the hutongs of Beijing. Click image for more photographs of Beijing. Two tricycles approach each other along the valley, neither giving way. One carries a mound of flattened cardboard, the other a cartload of coal. At the last minute the recycler rings her bell and swerves just in time to … Continue reading The Home Show


A dowager’s secret

Heralding Spring Pavilion As I walk through the gardens of the Summer Palace, 12 kilometres northwest of Beijing, skeletal trees bend towards the pavilion jutting into Kunming Lake. The sun catches the gold-fringed branches swaying in tune with the reeds below, with all the delicacy of a Chinese brush painting. This is my first view … Continue reading A dowager’s secret

High Times – early morning tai chi in Jingshan Park

   A group photograph in Tiananmen square. Click on image to see other photographs of Beijing. Dodging swarms of bicycles and breathing in the traffic-polluted air of Beijing is not my idea of a good time. But this is how to best take in the sights of China's capital. I visit Tiananmen Square, where groups … Continue reading High Times – early morning tai chi in Jingshan Park