Mourning Circle of Misse

 A room overlooking furrowed fields, a swollen river and poplars bearing cluster bombs of mistletoe. Writers above me; writers beside me overlooking the garden and the abbey beyond. I cannot see Wayne, our writing mentor, and Catherine, a writer taking a break from the text. But I know where they are. They’re in the garden … Continue reading Mourning Circle of Misse


‘The hurt can linger’ – uncovering child migrant stories

The pressed flowers and leaves, picked by Bob and his mother when she came to visit him in a Hampshire orphanage, are numbered and named.  ‘ The most precious thing I had were my scrapbooks,’ reads the caption in the Children’s Journeys  gallery in Sydney’s Maritime Museum. ‘ It was the only link with my mother.’ … Continue reading ‘The hurt can linger’ – uncovering child migrant stories