Chirps from around the world

Thirteen flights booked to Australasia and back, thirteen novels downloaded on my Kindle about all the places I’m about to visit – Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Christchurch, Hawkes Bay for Christmas and Sydney to see New Year fireworks.  They say 13 is unlucky but rest assured I didn’t book Air Malaysia. Perhaps I should have made it 14 flights but could not resist taking the train through North Island from Auckland to Wellington, passing those bubbling mud pools and geysers on the way.  Te Papa (Our Place in Maori)  in New Zealand,  Migration Museum, Adelaide, Immigration Museum, Melbourne and other galleries are all on the schedule. Looking forward to some Lord of the Rings scenery and fusion cuisine as well. Australasia here I come.

I’m leaving on the 24th November and returning on 2nd January 2015. I will blog from every place I visit. First time in Australasia, first time blogger. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @eithnenight

One thought on “Chirps from around the world

  1. Looking forward to reading more….from down under!
    Hope your journey went fine, and you are now in sunshine… x Elspeth


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